Boynton Beach Septic Tank Service

How often should your Septic Tank system be cleaned?

Septic tanks should be checked and cleaned regularly and on a set schedule to enhance proper performance & longevity. However, if you have a large family, an older septic system or a garbage disposal, more frequent cleaning of the tank is advisable.

Solids, which settle down to the bottom of the tank, are broken down by bacterial action. Eventually, the remaining undigested material, known as “sludge”, accumulates and must be removed. If solids are not pumped out regularly, they will build up to a high level and can be carried from the tank into the leaching or drain field system. These solids will clog the pipes, stone and the soil surrounding them.

Additionally, all new tanks are required to have a filter at the outlet. This protects the drain field system from solids held in suspension in the effluent, escaping the tank to the fields.  However, if this filter is not cleaned every couple of years, it may clog, causing slow drains, seepage of effluent above the tank, or worse yet, a sewage backup into the home.

When we clean a septic tank, we start by locating the proper “door(s)” to open, removing the grass and soil over the door(s), and then visually checking to see that the tank has a normal liquid level. The technician will engage the pump of his vacuum truck and start to clean the tank. If there is a filter, he will clean that also. Once the contents have been removed from the tank he will perform another visual inspection to check for any signs of structural damage and to make sure that the tank has the proper inlet and/or outlet baffles or tees in place. Once the tank door(s) are replaced and the soil and sod restored, our technician will spend a minute or two with you to give you his report and perhaps a tip or two.

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We highly recommend a gallon jug of Hi-Tech Plumbing Bio-Treatment, which breaks down grease, starches, proteins and other organic materials that clog septic tanks, drain fields and cesspools. Its environmentally-safe, high-potency formulation of cultured bacteria is vital to septic tank or cesspool system’s proper operation. Ask your service technician about this essential eco-friendly product for your system.

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